Bun Toons Teaches Important Lessons! YAY!

bun toon alt flowers

A moment of sunshine and flowers first

Ah, what a delightful week it’s been.

People are asking questions….what can I do?  Where can I help?  What is the solution?

Well, I’m here to instruct.

how to punch a nazi

I’m encouraged by the anti-Nazi turnout in Boston today.  I’m encouraged the PayPal and Facebook and many other digital platforms have discovered a “No-Nazis” rule lately.  I’m encouraged that America is woke to racism now that a white woman is dead.

But we still have a few more Nazis to punch before they get the message.  I want those hate filled vermin to feel fear to leave their homes with “88” tattoos, or white power symbols.

No slope.  No slippery.

Punch a Nazi today.

Ty the Guy OUT!











Punching a Nazi is good exercise for the body and soul.

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12 responses to “Bun Toons Teaches Important Lessons! YAY!

  1. This installment packed quite a punch, I must say!

  2. Excellent selection of covers, so I’m sharing this.
    But I must note that every argument used for silencing Nazis today was used for silencing the American left in the 1950s, so when you mock the slippery slope, consider the question of precedent.

  3. “SO” the punch really lands.

  4. You Englishment in four step, odd.

  5. Wait, “88” is a hate symbol now?… Oh, crap.

    Well, there go all my Buckaroo Banzai Jet Car logo t-shirts. Damn Nazis!

  6. I have five fingers instead of four. Can I still make a fist?

  7. I hope you enjoyed your time in Boston last weekend, and go to the Boston Comic Con again in the future. Preferably at one where I too can go, so I can meet ya and stuff.

    Also, good on you for this one.

  8. The answer to hate speech isn’t violence. As repugnant as it is, it’s *legal*.

  9. Gonna run out of ‘knuckle sandwiches’ long before we run out of Nazis unless we understand what breeds such attitudes. Better to fight the disease that causes the symptoms. http://www.cbc.ca/radio/thesundayedition/islamophobia-david-gutnick-meets-a-former-neo-nazi-democracy-in-peril-1.3966549/former-quebec-neo-nazi-speaks-out-about-how-he-learned-to-hate-minorities-1.3966671

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  11. Karl Heitmueller Jr.

    Whilst I agree with the sentiments expressed 100% and love your artwork as always, I cannot help but take slight issue with your choice of jeans and footwear for the fella in the first panel. First Michael Rapaport calls white supremacists “skinny jeans wearing hipsters” (what the—?!) and now you draw one similarly clad in slim black jeans and red high tops? Dad jeans, khakis, or camouflage army fatigues and boots or loafers or some stupid Nikes or something, but red high-tops? Highly doubtful.

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