Silly Pointless Bun Toons! YAY!

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In these troubled times, there is no greater message than pointlessness.

Bunny attendance has been spotty, but he remains your humble hopping reporter of reality….here with another Honest-To-God-True-Life-Adventure!

bronson time

Of course, I realise tomorrow is Memorial Day for my neighbours to the South, and not Weasel Day.  But few Americans are living on BRONSON TIME!

More’s the pity.

Ty the Guy OUT!

Just in case you’re into La Jour Des Weasels, there’s a comic book for you.


So many Weasels


Again, with weasels…


Are we not men?  We are WEASELS!


and of course, comic-dom’s most famous weasel….


What is it with the Marvelous Mustelidae that so catches the imagination of us all?


For the most recent (of the recently rare) Bun Toons, click the singing pastry above.

5 responses to “Silly Pointless Bun Toons! YAY!

  1. Allan Hoffman

    Probably not the most appropriate for Weasel Day. Or maybe it is.

  2. So many weasels. This is what happens when too many people read The Wind in the Willows at a young, impressionable age.

  3. Your daughter either has very interesting friends or a mild form of aphasia.

    • In that she has no trouble summoning words or understanding their meanings, I’m going with the belief that she’s simply funny and silly when she wants to be. The thing that makes me laugh about these conversations (and we have far more of them than you’d think) is that she’s instantaneous with her dadaist left turns. There’s no invention or hesitation when she goes off like this, almost as though she’s remembering something rather than ad libbing it.

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