New Pages…

Way, way back in September when we started up this blog, I posted an entry on the art Ty did for the Jerry Seinfeld and Superman American Express Commercials.  Just a bit of intro and a link to the commercials.

Now, Ty’s decided to put a couple of the pages up for sale. He loves the Krypto page–he’s always had a fondness for Krypto the Superdog (cannot type that without instantly hearing the theme song for the recent Krypto cartoon. Ty saw every single episode so I know the song well) and even tried to pitch a story or two to DC Comics.

I don’t remember all the details of this assignment, so I’ll have to get Ty to add something later. I know that Seinfeld had a particular Superman in mind, and DC Comics knew Ty was the man who was going to be able to give him that.

The Seinfeld-Superman pages are here…

Gambit vs. Gambit Xmen video box cover is here…

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