Asterix and Tintin Bun Toons. YAY!

Et maitenant, les toons de bun!

Bun Toons presents the greatest Belgian team-up since that Jean Claude Van Damme movie where he played his own evil twin brother…It’s

Oh, those irrepressible French barbarians!

Back to the drawing table or they don’t feed me and the wife and kids.

Ty the Guy OUT!

Here now, your Asterix Comic Book Moment:

Yup, it’s real.  Asterix and Obelix guest starred in Action #579



9 responses to “Asterix and Tintin Bun Toons. YAY!

  1. Bun Toons deserves a carrot every day!


    Steven G. Willis

    • Thanks Steven. We prefer meat to vegetables around here, unless my wife is in the room. If I’m in a particularly healthy mood, sometimes the meat is accompanied by a bun.

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  3. And here I thought it wouldn’t be possible to love Obelix more…

    • You always wanted Obelix to kill Tintin? I was horrified by it all, frankly. I’m wondering what I was thinking. Old Tin-boy was my first ever comic reading when I was 4 or 5. What have I done?!?

  4. I love the aw-hell-with-it French dialogue at the end. 🙂 By the way, Spielberg is directing a Tintin movie. I am cautiously optimistic yet prepared to be disheartened.

  5. I took French in high school, and this is about all the French I know here. Probably a little more than I know, actually.

    If you read Comic Book Legends Revealed over at CSBG/CBR, you’d already know about Asterix in Action 579, when it got covered a few weeks back.

    • I already knew about the Action Comic with Asterix in it, since I’ve owned a copy since the week it came out. I’m a sick fanboy, and more often than not, own a copy of the moment of zen comic book chosen.

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