Superman In Four Panels, YAY!

Doing my court ordered community service

He’s our first super-hero, if you don’t count Hercules.  And he’s the first super-powered hero in the comics, if you don’t count Popeye.  And he’s our first costumed hero, if you don’t count the Phantom.  Superman was there before any of them, if you don’t count the ones that came before him.

For those who are unfamiliar with his world, here’s…

There.  If you suddenly have to write his adventures, you’ve got a foundation to build from.

Enough of this cartooning, I have drawings to do!

Ty the Guy OUT!

Here now, your Sole Kryptonian Survivors Comic Book Moment:

When the only other member of your race is your first cousin…sigh…


For SUPERMAN vs. JESUS, and more of the Blasphemy Collection, click on this:


13 responses to “Superman In Four Panels, YAY!

  1. So, Superman seems sad that he actually is not from The South, as it relates to his cousin.


    Steven G. Willis

  2. Beautiful!

    And you know by now that I’m gleeful every time you draw a cow in a comic.

    Even if it’s dead.

  3. …And was there some kind of Super Horse too, or am I imagining things?

  4. Hi Eden, Comet the Super Horse was not from Krypton, but he *was* Supergirl’s boyfriend. If you’re Kryptonian, it’s unlawful to marry your cousins, but livestock are OK.

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  6. Wait a minute–what about Squeaky? Wasn’t there a cat named Squeaky?

  7. Let’s not forget my favourite, Streaky the Supercat. The Legion of Super-Pets was pretty good innocent fun like the rest of that era in Superman.

    Superman is like Elvis. Everyone says he was the big deal in rock’n’roll, but he was just the tipping point where suddenly it was on everyone’s mind. The final domino in the über-consciousness.

    Doesn’t diminish Superman or Elvis at all, it just means that – like everything else big – they came out of their influences and got the spotlight for whatever reason.

  8. Comet the Super-Horse was not a Kryptonian, nor was he actually a horse. He was originally a Greek Centaur (of mythology fame), but a spell by the sorceress Circe cursed him to live as a magical flying horse, EXCEPT when a comet was hurling past Earth, and then he’d turn into a human form until the comet left the sky. As his human form, Comet was known as “Bronco” Bill Star, a famous rodeo trick rider (who could ride horses better than anyone because he WAS a horse most of the time). Naturally as Bill Starr, he and Supergirl fell in love…until OOOPS, he was a horse again. Ah, creepy, teen-aged bestial love.
    Streaky the Super-Cat was a normal Earth cat who had been exposed to a freakish isotope of Kryptonite (called Kryptonite-X, I think) which permanently gave Streaky super-powers…Supergirl adopted the flying cat because – well, wouldn’t you?
    Beppo the Super-Monkey WAS, in fact, from Krypton, and is the only other character to survive the planetary explosion IN KAL-EL’S ROCKET! Beppo hid himself in the rocket, terrified as the world was collapsing, and ended up as a stowaway the Kents amazingly never noticed. The Kryptonian survivors I left out of the list were the citizens of Kandor, (nearly a million of them), the villains of the Phantom Zone (hundreds of them) and a few scattered characters who show up for single issues here and there, including Superboy’s robot teacher…

  9. Oh that was great!

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  12. Wouldn’t Jesus just create some kryptonite? 😉

    • I assume this comment was meant for the Superman vs. Jesus strip that appeared on another page. And Jesus didn’t need to go to Kryptonite, his father, who art in heaven, messed with the Yellow Sun.

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