PTSD Bun Toons. Meh.


Life is going to get better, cause it can hardly get worse.


Sigh.  Sigh.


Ty the Guy OUT!

In other considerations, I went to see Doctor Strange this week.  It was really entertaining, with some excellent set pieces and a delightful cast. It has the same spirit as ANT-MAN or GUARDIANS of the GALAXY–a surprisingly fun turn for one of Marvel’s lesser stars.


Consider me a Cumberbitch.


For the last Bun Toon, an era ago, when a hopeless plea to undecided voters was still a thing….click here.


For the Bun Toon archive, from a more free, happier time, click here.

6 responses to “PTSD Bun Toons. Meh.

  1. Vive la Resistance!

  2. I don’t know how to make this funny, but the first line of defense in the US is the ACLU.

  3. While I’m the last thing from a Trump fan, there is at least a silver lining as regards gun rights. There is an excellent chance that by this time next year we’ll have concealed carry reciprocity, which would force states to recognize concealed carry permits from any other state, just as all states recognize a driver’s license from any other state.

    We also will likely see silencers and short barreled rifles and shotguns removed from the NFA, making them over the counter purchases. Here’s hoping…..

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  6. U r really a sick S. O. a B.2 really bashing our next president elect. U communist Canandian toon bun bitch.

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