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Monday September 19

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Wednesday September 21

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Thursday September 22

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Friday September 23


Saturday September 24

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Sunday September 25

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For I am human, and the flesh is weak. I have a note from my mom for missing yesterday...

Just because I was at death’s door yesterday, fighting back the steely gaze of the grim reaper, it didn’t mean I wasn’t trying to claw my way back to consciousness and create a Bun Toon.  I’m made of sterner stuff than that, ya goldbrickin’ greenhorns.

The third week of the New 52 is out, and because she’s one of my favourite subjects around here, we check in with Catwoman in the new DCU!

I must confess, the new Wonder Woman was sold out when I got to the store, so it’s possible her issue had a different take on the traditional characters.

Ty the Guy OUT!

Here now, your BONUS faceless Catwoman Moment:

See, obscuring Selina's face has always been traditional and empowering.


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Signal completely lost…

…so there was some sleepy and not-well man wandering around my house looking lost. I eventually tucked him back in bed, and solemnly swore that I would let his faithful followers know that Bun Toons will be up…but not until tomorrow.

Stay strong, Bun Toons Faithful, stay strong!

(Perhaps you could all gather in a room and play a nice game of Jenga while you wait.)


Signal Weak…

…but will soon strengthen.

After a long couple of weeks, Ty’s finding himself a little more buried under his workload than usual (especially after spending four days away in Montreal, two of those at the wonderful Montreal Comicon)…so he asked me to post a quickie message to say,

“Today’s Bun Toon is delayed–but will be up later today!”

Have faith, Faithful Bun Toon Readers…and maybe read some past Bun Toons to fill the void. (Personally, I recommend, “The Honest-to-God True Life Adventures of the Freelancer’s Wife”)


Templeton says, “Don’t Ask! Just BUY it!”

I drewed parts of it.

The Great Lakes Avengers Parts.

Ty the Guy OUT!

Comics of Yesterday and Comics of Tomorrow. Literally.

Here’s one that has to be told today, right now, cause it won’t be yesterday and tomorrow lined up like this any other day.

I picked this Kirby Book up in Montreal THREE DAYS ago.  Love Kirby Collector.  Loved the price.


After getting into my Kirby Zone, I’m strolling along the convention floor and spot this little gem, leaning forward in a dealer’s box, for two bucks.

You're kidding.

It’s the only issue of any 80s Jack Kirby I don’t own.  Wanted to read it for fifteen or twenty years.  Conventions are fun.

YESTERDAY:  I read the book.  It’s GREAT.  I’m reminded how much I love Steve Gerber, the creator of these mad Mallards Of Comics, which included the magnificent Howard the Duck, Stewart the Rat (almost a duck), Destroyer Duck, and others ducks who teamed up with the Savage Dragon that I won’t mention.

Fig 1: why childhood was funny.

Well TODAY is Steve Gerber’s Birthday.

Steve Gerber at a convention. It's all lining up, like the stars.

I find this out because my friend Phil Winslade put up a magnificent drawing of Howard and the gang on his facebook page today in celebration.

Sorry, I don’t know how to link to facebook pages better than that clunky code-paste up there.  I hope it works.

So Happy Birthday Steve Gerber, the great creator of GREAT comics of Yesterday.

Look! I've summed up a human being's life and career with a wacky photo.

Here’s the thing.  When I first went online TODAY  it was supposed to be so I could  promote a comic book that’s coming out


  I got to draw my old pals the Great Lakes Avengers for a chapter of the FEAR ITSELF epic.

So Today is the birthday of an industry giant, who wrote something I read Yesterday, and I’m shamelessly using that celebration to tell a story that promotes a comic I worked on coming out Tomorrow?

What a genuine right bastard I am.  My god.

Go buy the FEAR ITSELF: THE HOMEFRONT comic.  It’s fun, it won’t make you fat, and it can’t harm your family, pets, and furniture.

Ty the Guy OUT!

And now, for your Bonus Comic Book Gerber Templeton Shameless Association Moment:

LAST WEEK on the ‘net

Monday September 12

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Wednesday September 14

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Saturday September 17

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Bun Toons Convention Deadlines. Boo!

Ty can't come to the Bun Toons at this time, so please leave your name and number at the sound of the beep.

I’m off at a lovely comic convention in Montreal, having the time of my life, I assume, but not able to make a brand new Bun Toons for today.  I have no access to scanners or Photoshop, so the whole thing is beyond my ability to control.

In the meantime, the least I could do:  I present a collection of Convention Themed Bun Toon from the near and distant past!  You might have read some of these on the blog in the last year or so, but that’s what a re-run is.

I doodled this first one in a sketch book at a convention where no one showed up.  The rest are all true stories.

I hope you guys’ll will forgive me for the indulgence of a re-run for today.  I’ll try to plan ahead for the next convention and see that it doesn’t happen again!

Ty the Guy, OUT (probably 24 hours before you’re reading this automatically timed post).


For all the Bun Toons ever, repeats ALL, at this point...punch the bunny.

Ladies and Comics Fans, taking their clothes off for you today… (slightly NSFW)

As readers know, my wife and I erotically danced our way through Harvard Medical School under the names “the Elongated Man & Sue Dibney“, and of course “Kitty Pryde” and “The Fastest Man Alive” is who we perform as nowadays, on nights we can get a sitter for the kids.

But I became SO famous under both of those great comic-book-male-stripper names, that I took those jewels of the comic-book-male-stripper-names crown out of circulation for anyone who follows me onto the stage.  I feel guilty about that.  Especially since the other two great-comic-book-male-stripper-names, Colossal Boy and the Man of Steel, currently belong to my uncle Staninslaw, who tours and performs under those names throughout the Ukraine and Greater Boston areas.

Uncle Staninslaw gets Biz-ay as Colossal Boy.

So I dug in and did my duty, doing the research to help out any helpless hypothetical super-strippers to come, any un-named graphic novel grinders of the uncertain future who need an alternative to dancing under the alias Speedball,  Mr. Bones or Herbie The Fat Fury.

So here the are, the…


15 – Paul Mounts

Talented Marvel Colorist and Incomplete Rude Sentence.  Show off your knowledge of the coloring bullpen, while you keep the party rocking using this naughty nom de dirty dance.



The “battle hardened” men of “Easy Company”.


Looks like Pan, sounds like a spokesman for Viagra.   So obscure he’s never been mentioned in Civil War or Fear Itself.


You come for the stripper name, but you stay for the polyester belly window.  Later he made his costume look way better.

Later, Marvel killed him off.


Your safe word is "K’un-L’un."


I don't know the name of the green-haired clam. I don't wish to know.

9- Princess Python

For certain clubs, only.  But the Captain America fans in the audience will make it rain.


A minor character in the WILD CARDS comic book series.  Though this is the Harlem Hammer’s only cover appearance, every word on it is also a porn name.


A one-off Luke Cage spoof from Milestone in yellow diapers = the Harlem Hammer TEAMED-UP with the Yellow Streak!  Do the stripper-name math.


Great stage name, but the series only ran six issues.  The all-purpose power tool often promises to last longer than it actually does.


Mildly amusing in the USA. Translates directly to “Schlong Erection” in Australia.    Look it up.


He’s a minor character from Deadpool, dressed like a SHIELD agent biting his way out of a green body-condom,  and his “real” name is JACK  HAMMER.   The only way this guy could hit the great comic-book-male-stripper-name triple play, would be if Penetrator had a THIRD secret identity called “the Weasel”.

Wait,    HE DID?!?


“Peter”  and “O’Tool” are a pair of 20th Century slang terms translating to:  “Penis O’Penis” – Both the best opening line for a romantic ode ever, and the only Oscar winning stripper-name in history.  Peter played, Zor-El, (Supergirl’s father) in the porn-film-production-quality film, Supergirl -

–so Mr. O’Toole qualifies to be in this group.


Back in the 70s, this was on everybody’s “pull list”.  Don’t mind the Sploog, people, that’s what happens when you’re attacked by IRON MAN or the BLOB.

I warned you about the sound effect.

And now…the winner…the greatest Comic-Book-Themed-Male-Stripper-Name is…


Of course it is.

This Golden Age Batman artist was a cautionary tale about christening one’s children while drunk, and the finest comic-book-themed-male-stripper-name possible by law.

A Dick Sprang-giant balls sequence, actually typical of his work. Not kidding.

From those oversize rooftop advertising models, to the length of the nose on the Penguin comics he drew, the fan-ladies in the audience know the legend of Dick Sprang and will react accodingly.

If there are any comic-book-themed-male-strippers out there looking for a name:  I give you Dick Sprang.  The stage is yours to dance upon…

Penguin works the pole, courtesy of Dick Sprang.

Ty the Guy OUT!

Here now, your bonus Inappropriate Comic Book Naming Moment:

Again:  Do not name things while drunk.

This Weekend…

Ty will be in Montreal, Canada to attend Montreal Comic Con. He hasn’t been to a comics convention there in fifteen years so he’s looking forward to it. Don’t know where he’ll be sitting and I don’t believe he’s doing any panels and such…but look around the room and you’ll eventually find him, signing, sketching and telling outrageous-yet-completely-true stories.

Ty Templeton has worked in the comics industry for more than twenty-five years, contributing scripts and art to BatmanSupermanSpider-ManMad MagazineThe SimpsonsThe National Lampoon, Harvey Pekar’s American Splendorthe AvengersJustice League and many others. He’s also been a comics publisher, editor, colorist, letterer, teacher, and a lifelong reader of these things. His greatest creations are his four kids, and a musical single he once put out (with Alan Moore as the “B” side), guest-starring members of the bands BAUHAUS and APRIL WINE.