True Halloween Bun Toons Extravaganza, YAY!

BOO! (True story!)

Around this house, Halloween is better than Christmas, and more fun than Birthdays.  You get to wear a disguise and see inside your neighbour’s front door.  We rarely do that on Christmas.

As always, every word of this is true, we didn’t even change the names of the innocent.  Screw the innocent.  What did they ever do for me?

Ty the Guy OUT!

Here now, your BONUS Bun Toons Halloween Moment:  From last year’s epic Halloween Bun Toon.


For last week's equally true Bun Toons, click on the Rabbit

For every Bun Toon ever, click the Rabbit again!

11 responses to “True Halloween Bun Toons Extravaganza, YAY!

  1. I laughed my arse off on the jesus one, that was perfect.

  2. That is a great story!
    Funny and painful at the same time!
    Thanks for sharing!
    Happy All Hallows Eve to you and yours! : )

  3. Hey, Dad, that REALLY WAS funny…


    Steven Willis

  4. Cartoon geeks would have assumed you had gone as Batman and the Phantasm! Great story though. My son took off running like that one Hallowe’en – the guy who scared him felt terrible and shoveled candy by the fistful into his bag.

  5. David T.G. Riches

    Did you run into the girls the following Halloween or ever again? I tend to see some of the same trick or treaters year after year and I know some people tend to see the same repeat offenders on an annual basis just curious if there may perhaps be any follow up to this story.

    • That particular street didn’t get our trick or treat business the next year, it was, as I said, a new neighbourhood, and the next year we went West to trick or treat, instead of East. I’m not aware if we ever saw the girls again, who would be in their mid-twenties at this time.

  6. Oh man, both of those tales were awesomely funny (is that a word, “awesomely”?)

    Superman Blue!! I salute your child!

  7. LOL! Both tunes made me laugh! Amazing that the giant cross wasn’t an indication…

  8. Oh Ty. What were you thinking, chasing after girls to calm them down? *shakes head* I’m sure they partially enjoyed the scare though and knew you weren’t out to hurt them. I mean, you WERE travelling with a little Batman. And who doesn’t like to be scared a wee bit on Halloween?

    Now, tell me – is that orange B:TAS logo something you carved onto a pumpkin? That would be too cool for words.

  9. Always a pleasure to read a new Halloween story from ya Ty!
    This one was hilarious!

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