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…and I remember to add prices…

Probably time for another cup of coffee…but first, the prices.

So…both pages are 11″ x 17″ on illustration board,  pencilled by Mike Parobeck, inked by Ty Templeton, check payment and shipping information, and if you would like a page, email us at tytempletonart@gmail.com.

Elongated Man #3, page 19   $250/USD

and next, Justice League Quarterly #5, page 11 of Story #2 $350/USD.


New Mike Parobeck Pages

I got a couple of scans out of Ty this afternoon…he’s up to his neck with the usual deadlines (he has a script he’s desperately trying to get finished but got pushed aside by two days of teaching; deciding to write one tribute and write/pencil/ink and letter a second one to Harvey Pekar; and having to spend a tiny bit of time acknowledging the family when we got back from a brief vacation yesterday).

He hasn’t answered my queries as to price yet (I’m actually emailing him as he sits in his studio in the basement! I’m only two floors up! But, he’s locked his door and is “incommunicado” at the moment, as he tries to get some writing done) so I’ll that information when I get it.  But if you’re interested in these pages, you can check out the pricing and shipping info, and email me/us/him at tytempletonart@gmail.com. I’ll let you know the price, and you can decide if you’re still interested…  First come, first served…

First up is a page from Elongated Man #3, page 19

11″ x 17″, on board, pencils by Mike Parobeck, inks by Ty Templeton



Second is a page from the Justice League Quarterly, #5, page 11 of story #2

11″ x 17″, on board, pencils by Mike Parobeck, inks by Ty Templeton

That’s it for now…

I’m off to flat some pages for some other crazy artist…


Elongated Man pages

by Mike Parobeck are now in “Art to See”, Elongated Man–pencils by Mike Parobeck…except for page 16 of Issue 1, which is still available.

Ty’s pleased to see that people clearly remember Mike and his work with as much love as Ty does…we’ve had quite the response to Ty putting up these pages.  Ty doesn’t have a lot more Mike pages (maybe a dozen)…but he might put some more up in the future.


New Old Mike Parobeck Pages

I’m teaching an INKING class tonight at the TORONTO CARTOONISTS WORKSHOP, and so I pulled out some pages that have my inks on ’em over top to demonstrate certain techniques here and there.

But, like Crazy Joe’s Appliance Store, my inventory is overstocked, so everything must GO!  We’ve got Parobeck, we’ve got Byrne, Swan, Jurgens, Mooney, Cullins, Weeks, Larsen, and more!  (Obviously when I was a full time inker, lo those moons ago, there was a lot of Superman artists in there.  Perhaps my two years inking Superman, Superboy and Action comics has something to do with that!)

Today, some pages by Mike Parobeck, fellow traveler on the Gotham Highway, and all around great guy.  One of the best storytellers who ever worked, and who could do it with an economy of line.  Like another clean-line storyteller/friend of mine, Mike Wieringo, Parobeck died at a startlingly young age (after fighting diabetes most of his adult life).  His all too short career included tons of stuff for Justice Society, Elongated Man, and Batman Adventures.  Mike and I worked as writer/artist for a number of Batman Adventures books, but I was lucky enough to work as his inker for a few gigs.

These pages come from the incredibly delightful ELONGATED MAN miniseries of the early 90s.  Ah….Ralph and Sue before either of them was raped and murdered.  Delightful times.

Ty the Guy

Something New…

Just added into The Art Store the Mad Magazine piece, the Superman drawing, the Harvey portraits and a page from Secret Origins with Elongated Man and Flash. More to come as soon as Ty loads up the scanner…