Reno Convention Bun Toons!

I'm in the sunshine, all you snow covered Canadians, you!

I’m in the sunshine, all you snow covered Canadians, you!

Hey there internet family.  I’m not at my desk today…I’m not within a thousand miles, or even my own country at the moment, as I’m in RENO, NEVADA for the Wizard World Convention this weekend, signing the comics and meeting the peoples.

Normally, I don’t put up a Bun Toon on convention weekends, and I run an old one, but today, we’re doing a slight variation on that.

See, I was asked to give the Wizard folks an image to do up as a poster for the convention, and the one that was decided upon was my Bun Toon about Batman without Bill Finger.

The original art for that was pretty low-rez and sloppy as it was for a Bun Toon, not a poster.  So I did up a proper, put-some-effort-into-the-artwork version of this year’s most popular Bun Toon and this is the result…available as a poster in Reno!

fingerless batman poster websizeI think if you click on that it gets bigger in your browser…try it and see!

Ty the Guy OUT!

ALSO exclusively available in Reno is my alt cover variant for Superior Iron Man #1

00 wizard world iron alt

But…since you guys are so good and deserve it, here’s the cover without the trade dress, only available RIGHT HERE at Bun Toon Central!

00 superior iron man cover final colour

My wife Keiren did most of the colour work on this one.  Knocked it out of the park, she did.


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For last week’s original, not a re-run Bun Toon, click here.

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For the Bun Toons archives, click here


Chain Smoking Bisexual Bun Toons! YAY!

Not the rabbit...he's wholesome

Not the rabbit…he’s wholesome.

There’s so many Comic Book related TV shows on the air this season that a dedicated fan cannot keep up.

But worry not, I am here to make sure there’s nothing you’re not privy to…here is…

websize constantine

It’s actually a hell of a show, pun intended….and but for the empty vessel of an actress playing Zed, they’ve won over the viewing audience at casa Templeton-Smith.

Who says this isn’t the DC age of odd TV?

Ty the Guy OUT!

Your bonus moment today is completely unrelated to Constantine or sorcery in general, except the kind of sorcery you get with cleverness.  I recently came across some of my artwork being used on one of the most wonderfully fun websites on the internet called SUPER-TEAM FAMILY: THE LOST ISSUES!  Here’s the image…

batman samurai jackThat’s my cover from Batman and Robin Adventures #20 being used, only the original DID NOT have Samurai Jack on it…that was added by the fun team at SUPER-TEAM FAMILY: THE LOST ISSUES.

Here’s another one they did, using artwork I drew from the famously pulped Elseworld’s Annual some years back…


Holy cow!  That’s a Jack Kirby Namor added to the artwork!  That’s too much fun.

Here’s one using a Superboy figure I inked over some Kevin Maguire pencils…

cold superboy

There are HUNDREDS of these covers over at the LOST ISSUES website (only a dozen or so use images from comics I worked on, though), and every one of them is a grand hoot.

Go, check ‘em out if you haven’t already!



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For the Bun Toons Archive, click here



Gotham City Bun Toons! YAY!

Right after this cheerful logo, things get dark and gritty...

Right after this cheerful logo, things get dark and gritty…

I’ve been watching the new GOTHAM television series since the first episode, and I’m a confirmed fan.  I’m hard to please with Batman filmed stuff, so if I’m on board, they’re doing something right.

There are those who are missing the point of the series, though….and after a half dozen episodes, I feel I’m enough of an expert that I can explain to one and all…

gotham websize

Haters gonna hate.

The rest of us are having a ball.


Hey!  The fine folks at Marvel released my page from all-new, all-exciting Big Marvel Event SPIDER-VERSE a little early, so I can show it off here!  I got to draw one of the most ICONIC versions of Spidey in history!  click on the image to make it larger!

spiderverse golden cake colour


That’s right!  I got to KILL OFF THE TWINKIE-VERSE Spider-Man!  Talk about notching one in the career belt.


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For the Bun Toons archives, click here



Like a Zombie Jesus on All Saint's Day, I return from the dead.

Like a Zombie Jesus on All Saint’s Day, I return from the dead.

Sorry to be away from the Bun Tooning these last few weeks.  Killer deadlines for Batman vs. Green Hornet pierced my cartooning heart and laid me to rest, and then, JUST as I was getting some time off, I was re-attacked by Steve Gerber’s KIDNEY LADY and cursed with excruciating stones.

But I am back, gentle Bunny people.  Today, as we all recover from last night’s dark reverie, I share a story of the parts of Halloween that we carry with us long after the holiday has past…


halloween leftovers small



The ears never fully grew back, by the way.  My cartoon bunny is a lie.


Ty the Guy OUT!

Just in case you need to see it…

my satan head

The only photo of me from that day.  We settled on lipstick instead of wax for the numbers.  The paint is starting to come off from around my nose because it’s later in the evening, and I assume it was something to do with cocaine or the sniffles.

This is what I had looked like the day before…

long hair ty

So it was a bit of a transformation.


For those of you in the Toronto area, come on down to the COMICS LOUNGE at College and Clinton.  I’ll be there all day Saturday raising money for DRAWING FOR DEB.  Deb was a friend of ours who passed away this year from complications of epilepsy and myself and Fantastic Four superstar Leonard Kirk will be there.   Click on the link to see what the fuss is about.

debra jane shelly

And my wife (the room mate of the actress) is hosting a 12 hour COMIC BOOK MARATHON at the same location, in the BACK SPACE!  Come on down, and help raise money for epilepsy research, pass out drawing comics for twelve hours in a row, or recover from your sugar high amongst cartoonists!  Either way, it’s something to do that’s not in your house.

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For the Bun Toon Archive, click here.


LAST WEEK on the ‘net: October 20 – October 26 2014


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Seriously? AGAIN??

If only the drugs were this good...

If only the drugs were this good…

After two weeks of deadline enforced Re-Runs, I woke up this morning feeling awful.  I even had to cancel a store appearance (sorry Kevin) I’d promised weeks ago.

But I’m somewhat up and about, and will do my best to Bun Toon as the day goes on, no doubt having a toon first thing tomorrow.

See you when I’m no longer stoned on the Tylenol 3s.

Ty the Guy OUT!

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